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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jesus in the midst of brokenness

Old wounds run deep. And when those wounds are triggered the hurt can be overwhelming. That's when we need to fix our eyes on Jesus and focus on what's true.
But what if  more hurt is piled on the hurt? Just when you think you can't take one more blow someone delivers words that crush your spirit and leave you thinking thoughts you know you shouldn't think? Your brain is on board with truth, but every fiber of your being grieves in agony with crippling pain that begs for relief?
And in that pain you lash out, and no one wants to be on the receiving end of that, so they walk away - affirming the lie that you aren't worth the time. You're unlovable. You're not good enough. You're ______________.
Have you ever felt that way?

Some people have never hurt that badly. They can't relate. They will shake their head and call it drama.
I wish I could say I can't relate, but I can. I know that pain and the desperation it causes first hand.

For the one in pain it's very real and overpowering. It leaves him gasping for breath, searching wildly for something, anything, to hold on to. Someone in that place doesn't need a pat scripture. Or a sermon on how she shouldn't feel that way. Or a guilt trip that if he was a true Christian they would just focus on Jesus and be okay. They're already feeling like they can't measure up.
Those words only affirm the message that they don't.

Someone in that place needs assurance.
Assurance that someone's willing to fight for their victory. Assurance that they are loved and worth it. Assurance that the lie IS a lie and they aren't deceiving themselves.
He needs assurance.
She needs assurance.
And often they need it in tangible form. I love my Jesus, but sometimes I need physical arms around me and soothing words I can actually hear with my ears. He knows that. He made me this way.

So today I'm challenging you. Is there someone who could use Jesus through you today? Are you willing to get a little dirty to be Christ to someone who's hurting? Will you take the time and stop right there in the middle of the hallway to hold a hurting brother and speak peace over him? When she tells you she's fine, and you can see the tear stains on her cheeks will you take the risk and hug her - even though it might make the tears flow harder?
When you don't know how to pray - are you willing to just be there?
Be Jesus.


DANIEL said...

God bless you for such an inspiring message.

Joy said...

Daniel! When will you post something to your blog? :o)

ALELY said...

thanks for the inspiring post. i am walking with a friend through her pain and thankful that I could be there for her even though sometimes i have no words to say to make things better. i just listen.

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